Improve your fleet management process with Technofleet ERP Fleet solution

Thanks to insights for Fleet Managers & drivers, but not only...
Decision tool

Based on facts & figures you take right decisions and adjust your fleet behavior. You can get professional reports and create your own and export these to MS Excel.

Centralized information

Import & export data from any source on any format and keep your entire fleet administration in one single point, including documents. Generate automatically your own documents in PDF, print it or send it by email trough Technofleet platform.

Management by exception

Technofleet automatically inform you in due time about key points in your fleet management process (abnormal situations, end of contract dates, technical controls...). You just have to focus attention on control and improvement points. 

Process automation

You have to send a lot of emails or fill documents during your day? With Technofleet platform, you send, print or sms information to your suppliers, colleagues and share data with internal or external platforms (ERP, CRM, EDM...).

Fleet culture & drivers awareness

Technofleet helps fleet managers in their daily work providng a full set of tools. But there is no fleet without drivers. Optimisation of the fleet process must also covers drivers expectations and motivations in the respect of fleet rules. That's what we call the "fleet culture".  Mobility plan, driving behaviors, internal agreements (Car Policy) are also tracked by Technofleet.

Time & Cost control

Because drivers have information on their pocket you don't be interrupted in your daily work. Because contracts and financial data are under control you don't lose money. Because the state of your fleet is monitored, you control end of contracts invoices. These are few exemples of time & cost savings.


Technofleet stores the full history about your fleet. Even a vehicle is not more in your fleet you can reach data and process insights. You also always have the view on links between vehicle, company, cost center, fuel card, driver and related contracts or events.

Fleet life

A fleet is like a living organism with good days but also with diseases. With Technofleet platform you are able to manage damages, insurance files, follow fines and relation with your insurance or leasing company. You can also control non-budgeted costs and approve invoices or repair actions.

Independence & Network

Technofleet works with professional specialists trough a partnership program (financial advice, insurance brokerage, tires, fuel cards, body repair, smart repair, remarketing, short term rental, cost reduction specialists, car experts,...). All partners are independent from financial institutions or insurance companies and bring you best advice and price.

100% web based Fleet management software, fleet ERP solution for owned and leased assets, for small and large companies

International fleet management, multi-lingual (FR,EN,NL,DE,ES...), multi-companies or entities, multi-fiscal

Track & Trace functions in collaboration with partner's solutions

Budgeted and non-budgeted costs management (TCO & RCU allocation, Cost-center,...)

Suppliers data management, automated message transmission to suppliers, access permissions to suppliers...

Alert management based on abnormal situations or on dates or events (end of contracts date, technical control, maintenance plan, fuel consumption...)

Users and groups management with rights delegation

Documents storage (scan, import), automated document (PDF) creation, digital archiving

Dedicated tax & finance module adapted to any country

Contracts management (leasing, insurance, fuel, maintenance...) and automated controls on key points (dates, amount...)

Dammage & Insurance files management, follow-up and automated process to supplier

Mobility management, integration of Car Policy rules, budilings & parking management, integreted facts about alternative mobility solutions (public transportation, bikes, car sharing)

Fines management and payment follow-up. Automated messages to drivers with fine details.

Professional and exportable Insights (in MS Excel), custom and recordable reports, automated reporting process

Pool vehicles management interface

Vehicle history (drivers, fuel cards, fines, damages, contracts...)

Integreted on-line support console

Messaging and communication interface with users or self-created groups

100% web based application but with the power of Microsoft SQL databse

100% home made fleet software

and certainly much more...but also custom functions based on your own working rules!

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Technofleet features

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